Awkward Activists

Awkward Activists was the 2021 collaboration between myself and fellow Artist-Activist Cadence Belle. Given Cadence's work and passion for creating cabaret around Queer Liberation, and my work in the Feminist Cabaret sphere, we co-wrote a piece that celebrated the intersection between our two communities, resulting in an intersectional cabaret extravaganza. Featuring collaborative original songs such as 'Slut!', 'Like a Girl' and 'Gay White Men Who Don't Give a Shit about Feminism', the show was critically acclaimed. 

'It will move you, influence you, and make you want to become an imperfectly perfect activist' - Your Local Hok

'From show stoppers to power ballads, these tunes from two committed activists would easily grace Broadway theatre' - The Advertiser

'When two performers combine their extraordinary talents, you can’t help but end up with something special...these two talented performers are a joy to watch and listen to' - Adelaide Theatre Guide