Feminist Fringe frenzy

Whether they're exploring the nuances of body hair, breaking down period taboos, calling out misogyny, or purely championing the talents of women, femmes and non-men, these are some of the stellar feminist and womxn-driven works FRINGE WORLD 2021 has to offer. 


Presented by LadyBusiness Productions

Lazer it, tweeze it, wax it, leave it - Lady Business’ debut show exposes the sexualisation and stigmas surrounding hair, covering everything from what grows on your head, all the way down to what you wish didn’t grow on your toes!

A powerful, high-energy mix of physical theatre, poetry and storytelling, watch three women wrestle with, wax off, and wig out over their hair. Weaves will fly, ponytails will whip and braids will be let loose.

Use the code FRESHBANGS for a special ticket price.

9:30pm, 15th-19th January 2021, State Theatre Centre of WA.

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Off Chops

Presented by YUCK Circus

From the Makers of multi-award winning YUCK Circus comes a party fit for a pop-up tent.
Expect a wild time reminiscent of the dance floor cardio you never knew you needed, and the 3am stagger home you couldn't avoid.
Come along for a riot of comedy, high-flying acrobatics, and trashy dancing.
Drink plenty of water, it's gonna get sweaty.

Fridays and Saturdays 10:45pm, 16th January - 13th February, Big Top at the Woodside Pleasure Garden.

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Presented by Lady Great Theatre Company

Compelled is a thrilling look into exorcisms, explored through a feminist lens, and asks critical questions about how we treat violence and abuse survivors.

Hannah is not well. Hannah is seeing things. After answers can't be found in modern medicine, they look towards the paranormal.

Use the code VIXEN for a special ticket price.

6pm, 6th-9th February, 8:30pm 10th-13th February, Theatre One at Hayman Theatre

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She is strong

Presented by Natural Wings and Rachel Collier Photography

An intimate and immersive show welcoming you into the hidden world of circus women. Through circus, photography, and audio, multi-award-winning artists will present the honest stories that have inspired their strength. They will not only show their flaws, but they will celebrate them.

6:50pm, 15th-24th January, The Art Room at Girls School

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Eva DuBivoir and the Quest for the Bloody Truth

Presented by Riptide Youth Performance Company

In this unapologetically cheesy panty-mime Eva DuBivoir, a young and impressionable vagina, sets out on a quest to find out what's up with the creepy 'Tampons Inc' she works for. Along the way she meets MC Wiz who turns out to be a woke AF menstrual cup, and once together they use the power of bad jokes and teamwork to bring down Tampons Inc once and for all!

This fresh, funny, feminist, six hand contemporary theatre piece from Riptide will have you learning- as you laugh- that whether you're old or young, whether you bleed or not, menstruation liberation is the responsibility of us all!

6:30pm, 3rd-8th February, The Cookery at Girls School.

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